Health, Wellness and Fitness Coaching

For more several years, we have successfully served clients of different sizes from small creating custom programs that improve employee health, productivity, and morale as well as reduce company healthcare costs. 

Our Health, Wellness and Fitness coaching programs are tailored to FIT our clients' needs. With the guidance of our team of certified professional coaches, we provide our clients with the undivided attention needed to succeed and accomplish their overall physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing. 


One-On- One 

One on One Health & Fitness Coaching Program is an evidence-based model comprehensive coaching program designed to support a healthy lifestyle, while reducing the risk of chronic conditions. This program includes educational material on proper workout techniques, nutritional recommended guidelines and mindfulness practices needed to live the FIT & Healthy LIFEsyle we call So XtraFIT.



Group Wellness & Fitness Coaching Programs allows our clients the opportunity to engage with like minded people motivated to Stay Active! and Be Healthy! All while having Fun! Group coaching program includes fitness exercises, upbeat stimulating music and mindfulness practices. Our certified professional coaches trained to motivate our clients to break through physical & mental plateaus and BE the BEST version of themselves.

Other Services

Lunch & Learns

one day group session for employees and staff. Lunch & Learns are fun, interactive sessions for all staff to learn about health and wellness.


Health Challenges

Health challenge program designed to motivate employees to get healthy through friendly in-house competition.


Workshops & Lectures

Educational lecture & workshop designed fitness Wellness


Online Health & Wellness

Online health & wellness virtual coaching program provides our clients the opportunity to Stay Active! and Be Healthy! All while in the comfort of their own homes. Our online program provides a step by step instructional coaching designed to enhance our clients physically, mentally wellbeing.