So XtraFIT 

Keishawna - Founder & CEO

Keishawna - Founder & CEO

Established in 2016, So XtraFIT Inc. is a Maryland based Health and Wellness firm.

Founded by KEISHAWNA, a fitness coach, motivational speaker, American Heart Association Ambassador & Go RED spokesperson and former NFL cheerleader. So XtraFIT was founded on the belief that everyone can  BE the BEST version of themselves.

At So XtraFIT, we believe that focusing on improving overall mental and physical health of our clients not only enhances their lives but also the live of the people around them. Creating a significant ripple effect of a healthy and lasting behavior change.

With the help of our professional coaching team, we provide customized comprehensive health programs, event and creative strategic planning for small and large companies.

Our Core Values: 







We are pleased to partner with companies  that embody our culture and mission.