GET FIT Contest


June is here and we are excited for our "GET FIT" contest to start on June 4th 2018. Now until June 30th 2018, submit your GET FIT picture or 30 sec videos for your chance to WIN fun prizes and giveaways. 

Giveaways & Prizes Include

  • $50 Visa Gift Card (Top Winner)

  • SoXtraFIT & Fabulous T-Shirt 

  • 6 week PTk session with our CEO & Founder KEISHAWNA

  • Swag Bag with prizes & giveaways 

Contest Rules & Requirements:                                                                                                                         

  • All Applicants must be current/active subscribers of our SoXtraFIT Newsletter**

  • Like and Follow us on Instagram & Facebook page

  • Submit a GET FIT Picture of your Favorite FLOW pose or a 30 sec GET FIT video of your favorite TRANSFORM BODY move. Write a paragraph about your FIT & Healthy lifestyle and how you encourage others and email us at Subject Title must include 'GET FIT' Contest 2018) 

  • Post your GET FIT Picture or Video on social media

  • Mention Us! in your social media post by tagging and using our #SoXtraFIT hashtag.

*All above requirements must be completed to enter contest. The first 8 people who submit all requirements will be featured in our monday GET FIT social media post. Three Top Winners will selected from our SXF Team and announce by email by July 4, 2018.*  


  • Our SXF Team will convene an expert panel of judges to score all eligible entries. 

  • Each entry will be judged on a scale of 10 on: Quality Picture/Video, Creativity and FIT and Healthy story. 

  • All entries will be judged on their own merits, not compared directly to other entries. 

  • Your GET FIT Picture/Video and your Story (serious, fun, information-focused, emotional, or a combination) is completely up to you. We have no preference and one style will not be graded more highly than another.

Let the FIT and Healthy FUN begin. :)